Koch Agronomic Services Expands SuperU Fertilizer Production Capacity

As part of a $1.3 billion expansion project at the Koch Fertilizer facility in Enid, Oklahoma, Koch Agronomic Services increases production of its SuperU fertilizer. SuperU is a granular fertilizer that incorporates urease and nitrification inhibitors. The product provides 46% nitrogen concentration.

“Our increased production capacity allows us to offer retailers and their customers across a broader geography this flexible, easy-to-use fertilizer,” says Stan Koster, vice president of Koch Agronomic Services. “We believe this innovative solution can help growers better achieve their operational and environmental goals.”

Koch Director of Agronomy Dr. Greg Schwab notes that SuperU fertilizer is backed by 25 years of research and hundreds of field trials. “Proven SuperU helps growers save time and money, resources that can’t be grown in a field,” Schwab says.

The plant in Enid using Koch’s proprietary N-Tegration technology to produce SuperU, and the same technology is used at the urea plant in Manitoba, Canada and the specialty plant in St. Louis. The branded technology platform allows proprietary Koch additives such as Agrotain nitrogen stabilizer to be integrated directly into granular or prilled urea, ensuring uniform distribution throughout each granule.


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Submitted by George on Mon, 07/09/2018 - 23:22

Gotta search more about SuperU and its affect to the environment.

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