Knock Down Kochia

Glyphosate-resistant kochia is a problem weed that keeps cropping up. From sugar beet fields in the Pacific Northwest[1] to wheat fields in western Kansas[2], the tough weed flourishes throughout the western part of the U.S. How are you going to control it?

Scorch herbicide is specifically designed with glyphosate-resistant and dicamba-tolerant kochia in mind. In winter wheat trials, over-the-top applications of Scorch resulted in 100% kochia control for 3 months (92 days) after treatment. The kochia died and did not regrow.

Made with 2,4-D ester, dicamba acid and fluroxypyr, Scorch better handles challenging cool weather conditions than other formulations. Plus it can be tank mixed with many K salt herbicides, fertilizers and other products.

For more information about Scorch, view this product brochure online.




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