Kinze Offers Two Planter Widths In Its New High-Speed Models

For the 2021 planting season, Kinze will have two new high-speed planter models ready for the field. Earlier this year the company unveiled its 24-row 4905 planter, and the 16-row model–while planned for 2022–will be introduced for 2021. 

According to Kinze president Susanne Veatch, the testing of the 16-row model was successful enough to move up the introduction a growing season earlier. 

“Both configurations enable farmers to double the number of acres they plant in a typical day or cover the same acres in a more timely fashion,” Veatch said in a news release. “The technology also supports operations trying to expand because farmers can plant more acres with the same size planter.”

The 24-row and 16-row planters are outfitted with the Kinze-developed True Speed system, which enables planting speeds up to 12 mph while maintaining singulation and accurate seed spacing. 

Both 4905 configurations feature Kinze’s Blue Vantage display and Blue Drive electric drive. The planters are also built with Kinze’s 05 Series planter upgrades, which were designed to increase component wear, simplify maintenance, improve performance and reduce cost of ownership.

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