Kinze Announces New Narrow-Row Planter

Kinze 4700 planter ( Kinze Manufacturing )

Kinze Manufacturing recently introduced its new 4700 planter with a new 20” model for narrow row operations. It was announced at the 2019 National Farm machinery show and is available through Kinze dealers in the 2020 season.

 Highlights of the new machine include:

  • Blue Vantage Display, Blue Drive electric drive and True Depth hydraulic down force
  • Three-section frame with 15 degrees of tool bar flex
  • 120-bu. bulk seed capacity with hydraulic weight transfer
  • 600-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity option

 The planter will be available in 36-row, 20” configuration with the Kinze 4000 series cast row unit. It will also be offered in 24-row, 20” and 24-row, 30” configurations.

 “The 4700 brings technological innovations and enhancements to the narrow row market,” said Susanne Veatch, Kinze President in a recent press release. “Dealers and customers have been asking for a new narrow machine, and we are extremely excited to be able to share the 4700 with them. It brings the reliability and durability farmers are accustomed to from Kinze, with Kinze-designed plater technologies that make planting simple and accurate.”