Ken Ferrie: How to Fix Gullies and Washouts in Fields

After dark, the tractor driver accidentally tried to plow through an area where they had dug out a large tree a year earlier. With a lot of hard work and two tractors, the tillage tool was free the next afternoon. ( Farm Journal )

Planting is underway or quickly approaching for many farmers—namely those away from floodwaters in the eastern Corn Belt. With a delayed harvest and hard, fast rains, some fields might not be ready for planting like normal.

“Those harder rains on that half-frozen ground has triggered a lot of erosion,” says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. “[For] farmers that do spring tillage these will be filled in with that prep pass before planting. The problem is we have as many no-till as we do tilled, and those growers are asking how do we fix these areas?”

Discover Ferrie’s tips and tricks for getting the seedbed ready in no- and minimum-till situations in the podcast below.