Ken Ferrie: Evaluate Nitrogen Loss In Corn

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

Few farmers expect to have the proverbial knee-high corn by the 4th of July this year.

“About the only way you’ll see that is if you’re kneeling in the corn when you’re looking at it,” jokes Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of Crop-Tech, Inc., near Heyworth, Ill.

In Ferrie’s Boots In The Field podcast this week, he discusses corn development and how to address some of the development issues it currently faces. Those include:

  • Too much water: If your corn has been under water, expect to see some crazy top problems this fall.
  • Too little nitrogen:  Ferrie says N loss is a real concern this season and farmers need to evaluate that issue. In some cases, however, Ferrie says yellow corn plants indicate there’s been a lack of oxygen.

Other management issues Ferrie addresses in the podcast include: iron chlorosis in soybeans, weed issues in non-GMO planted fields; wheat harvest and the opportunity to sell grain as a cover crop, and topics he plans to address at the upcoming Farm Journal Corn & Soybean College, such as prevented plant acres. You can get more details on the event here:

Get Ferrie’s full Podcast report here: