Keeping Ag Real Tour 2018: Hay Fields of Colorado

"One of my favorite parts of this trip thus far has been meeting complete strangers and learning about their lives," says Jenny Schweigert. ( Keeping Ag Real )

Welcome to the Keeping Ag Real Road Trip! We’re excited to have you following along with our trip. The great states of Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming haven’t disappointed. While we’ve been on the road for a few days, today we are really diving into the agriculture stretch of the trip. The adventure thus far, has provided our boys several experiences such as learning about cow-calf operations, large-scale hay and Colorado agriculture. As parents, we’ve found it surprising that they already have some knowledge about large-scale hay machinery - all learned via Farming Simulator 18.



Jeff and I have spent considerable time talking with locals and friends of my family about farming and ranching. Topics stretch from the different cuts of beef, age or weight of cattle (thanks to Jacquelyne Leffler’s family ranch for the info!), alternate uses of corn and soybeans and reminiscing about older generations who farmed or ranched.



We’ll begin our ranch visits today in Nebraska and South Dakota. We’ll continue striking up conversations with those outside of agriculture (if possible, video when consent is provided). You can find Periscope broadcasts under my handle @jenschweigert with additional updates. If you should have questions you would like for us to ask those outside of agriculture, please feel free to send a DM via Twitter to @keepingagreal or @jenschweigert. Thanks again for taking the time to follow us!