Kanzi apples growing in sales

The 2016-17 Kanzi apple season has had the highest growth rate in dollars and volume of any apple in the top 25 varieties, according to Nielsen FreshFacts data.

Over 8,000 supermarkets sold Kanzi apples, a 300% increase from last year and, thanks to more "aggressive" store-level promotions, Kanzi apple sales volume doubled this season, according to a news release.

"Kanzi performance this season is really unprecedented," said Robb Myers, vice president of sales for CMI Orchards, in the release.

Myers expects Kanzi sales to remain strong for the rest of 2017 season because U.S. growers harvested their first Kanzi crop this past fall in Washington and Michigan, according to the release.

"The growth rate of Kanzi this season is unmatched by any other apple," said Steve Lutz, CMI Orchards' vice president of marketing, in the release. "So far this year Kanzi has been tremendously successful for our retail partners."