Kahler Automation Launches Software As A Service

Kahler is the first automation software company to offer such a bundling. ( Margy Eckelkamp )

At the beginning of 2019, Kahler Automation launched a new way to support its customers with automation software. 

“In the past, when customers purchased our automation software they may have bought a support package or an update package, but now we are consolidating that into software as a service,” says Brian Sokoloski a software sales team member at Kahler Automation. 

For an annual fee, the Software Subscription Package gives customers:

  • in-house support
  • proactive updating of software
  • first access to new features

He shares many ag retailers are already using this model with their accounting software providers, and Kahler is the first automation software company to offer such a bundling. 
“We’ve been developing this with customer input for the past year and a half,” Sokoloski says. “What’s important for customers to know is that by buying the Software Subscription Package they are putting dollars right back into the software development team. So that as we get requests for new features, we have the resources on-hand. It brings closer alignment so our customers’ problems are our problems to solve.” 

The company started unveiling the Software Subscription Package in January 2019, and it will be available to all Kahler customers. 

Kahler Automation offers software for dry material handling, liquid product handling and grain flow control.