John Deere Adds C650 Air Cart to Lineup

C650 Air Cart ( John Deere )

With the C650 Air Cart, John Deere will expand its lineup of air-seeding equipment for small grains producers and custom farmers. The new air seeder can be ordered as a tow-behind or a tow-between configuration.

It features 650-bu. capacity, high-floatation tires and a fill rate of up to 100 bu. per minute. The C650 is compatible with certain hoe drills and no-till drills.

John Deere also included technology to make it a ‘smart cart.’ This includes cart-side displays for filling and calibration using ActiveCal, an on-demand calibration feature. In addition, there is wiring to enable five camera locations—one in each take and a rear-hitch view.

With SectionCommand technology, the C650 Air Cart manages seed and fertilizer application to minimize overlaps and skips. AirPower 2 technology provides dual fans for seed and fertilizer, and its 3” primaries means it delivers accurate product rates across the whole air seeder.

“This cart fills a need for producers or custom operators who are looking for an air cart with capacity of more than 550-bu., without having to make the leap up to our 850-bu. cart,” Ryan Hough, John Deere marketing manager for planting and seeding said in the product announcement.

The company will start taking orders for the new C650 Air Cart beginning June 1. Shipments of the air cart will begin later in the fall.

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