John Deere 4 Series Sprayers Outfitted with Lightweight Carbon Fiber Boom and New Cab

The new carbon fiber boom reduces the boom wing weight by more than 35% on the new John Deere 4-Series sprayers. The new 120' and 132' carbon fiber booms help minimize crop and soil impact by reducing the overall machine weight. The booms are designed to be corrosion resistant as well as easy to clean and maintain.

John Deere 4-Series sprayers are also now outfitted with the CommandView II Cab, which is equipped with the 4600 CommandCenter for capturing, managing and transferring data. To customize controls and the work environment, the CommandARM has been redesigned with its

multi-function handle. For comfort, an optional heated, fully ventilated leather seat, also is available and can swivel up to 15 degrees.

John Deere dealers will be taking orders for the new features beginning in June.