Iowa Farmer: 'There Are Some Places We Can’t Get To' in the Fields

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Hamburg, Iowa is a river town located in the Southwest corner of the state. It is a place which has seen a lot of flooding, after levees breached along the Missouri River earlier in the year.

We have to get started, says Jeff Jorgenson, a Sidney, Iowa farmer. All of the sudden it will be the first of November before we know it.

He hasnt been at harvest too long.

This year has been tough for farmers located in the Southwest corner of the state. Jorgenson is located roughly 10 miles north of Hamburg, Iowa. Its a town which was submerged back in March when levees breached on the Missouri River. The town still shows scars from spring as sandbags wait on the streets, road construction stands nearby and land sits covered by water. Its a situation farmers see too.  

Being a farmer, we want to get out and tend to our fields, said Mike Woltemath, a farmer in Hamburg, Iowa. There are some places we cant get to.

While Woltemath waits to get in some ground, he knows some of it wont be planted in 2020. He lives close to where a levee broke earlier in the year.

Some of it probably will never be farmed again, said Woltemath. There is some of it that will be damaged beyond repair.

As far as his home, Woltemath had to move his family away from the river bottom ground and to Missouri.

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