Indiana Nears Restricted Use Label for Dicamba

The Indiana Pesticide Review Board voted Aug. 30 to place all agricultural-use dicamba products under restricted use for the state. This means only certified applicators will be able to apply the product, if the rule passes a couple more steps.

Currently, the rule is being passed along to the Attorney General’s office, if the Attorney general approves it will be submitted to the Governor and after that the Legislative Services Agency will choose the date the rule is published, listing it as the final rule.

The proposed rule would restrict “any dicamba containing pesticide product that (A) contains a dicamba active ingredient concentration greater than or equal to six and 6.5% and (B) is intended for agricultural production uses but does not also contain 2,4-D as an active ingredient; or is not labeled solely for use on turf or other non-agricultural use sites.”

Indiana requires the Pesticide Review Board to consider economic impact. “Because the requirements in this rule will apply only to higher concentration agricultural weed control products but not lower concentration turd weed control products, and because there are currently numerous alternative herbicides that could be used in place of dicamba-containing products, neither pesticide deals and distributors not pesticide applicators or application businesses will be impacted fiscally,” the economic impact statement says.

Restrictions in Indiana are effective 30 days after filing with the publisher.


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Submitted by RonMoss on Thu, 01/04/2018 - 07:43

Indiana has been using a lot of dicamba lately and it's a bit alarming. I hope that they dig this and restrict them for a bit. After a bit, I wouldn't mind if they lifted the restriction on the use label for dicamba.

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