Indiana Farmer: September Weather Impacted Yield

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The weather is not helping things in a harvest season already running behind schedule. Right now, only 41 percent of the corn crop is harvested. We're usually at 61 percent. Checking the soybean crop, we stand at 62 percent harvested. That's 16 percent behind the five year average.

In Indiana, less than half the corn crop has been harvested. Some of that crop wasn't planted until after the start of June.

It's time to move on Schrock farms in Marshall County, Indiana. You can bet Dave Schrock and his crews arent going to waste much time.

"My son is actually out right now looking at fields to see if any chance there's a field drier than what we're in,
 said Schrock.

The area had a five week dry spell right after planting.

"Some of the lighter ground, with the drought we had in the summertime, it kind of hurts, but it is what it is and we'll move on,
 said employee Michael Mason.

But the spring was wet like many other places in the Corn Belt. Schrock planted both early and late.

"We really do have some good, exceptional corn but most of the corn is kind of average,
 said Schrock.

Schrock says his late planted corn is doing quite well. He
s impressed with how it's turning out. Yet, he can tell there's a direct correlation with reduced yields.

"If you look back at early September at the weather, we had eight days of cool, cloudy weather, said Schrock. That took some top end off for us.

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