Improving U.S. dairy cattle welfare

As we

move further into spring season


May 2016, it's good to reflect on where we were in year's past. "Strategies for Improving U.S. Dairy Cattle Welfare"


the theme of the 27th

annual American Dairy Science Association's Discover Conference. The purpose of this gathering

was to engage the U.S. dairy industry in a conversation about the growing importance of key welfare concerns.

The conference (held May 27-30, 2014 in Itasca, Ill.) had the following goals:

  • Define animal welfare for dairy cattle within the context of the impact of other issues on other industries and of welfare issues in other food animal industries.
  • Describe key findings from a number of successful lines of research defining animal welfare and addressing practical problems in the care and housing of dairy cattle.
  • Create opportunities for open discussion of contentious animal welfare issues among industry professionals and scientists working in the dairy industry.
  • Encourage conference participants to act as information multipliers, thus facilitating proactive adoption of science-based practices that result in improved dairy cattle welfare.

The conference

was organized to appeal to academic and industry representatives of many aspects of dairy husbandry including facility, equipment and technology design; animal ethology; veterinary health, immunology and pharmaceutical business; nutrition; and genetics, among other topics.

Now, looking forward to future conferences, we encourage you to visit their site to learn about their next upcoming meeting in November 2016. This conference will cover dairy data management.

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