I-80 Planting Tour 2018: Indiana

I-80 Planting Tour 2018: Indiana
I-80 Planting Tour ( AgDay )

Some farmers are finally kicking up dust in the fields as temperatures climb higher in the Corn Belt. The latest Crop Progress Report shows 5 percent of corn and 2 percent of soybeans are planted nationally. 

In Indiana, 1 percent of corn is in the ground and no soybeans have been planted. Both are behind the 5-year-average. 

Despite a slow start, farmers are happy to start field work or even planting after parts of the Hoosier State saw historic flooding in February. 

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talks with Mike Hoffman, AgDay Meteorologist; Eric Wappel, a farmer from San Pierre, Indiana; and Jeff Peterson, a farmer from South Bend, Indiana