I-80 Planting Tour 2018: Eastern Illinois

I-80 Planting Tour 2018: Eastern Illinois
I-80 Planting Tour ( AgDay )

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), one percent of corn has been seeded in the Buckeye State. Usually that number is closer to 15 percent.

Heading west, Indiana is still in the single-digits with only eight percent of the corn crop planted.

Illinois is showing big gains with one-third of the corn crop being planted. Iowa and Nebraska are both 17 percent complete.

All five states are behind the five-year average. As for soybeans, planting has started in those I-80 states and remain in single digits.

In Illinois, the states corn planting progress jumped 28 points in just a weeks time, and seven percent of soybean acres have been planted. One week ago, Illinois didn’t have a single bean in the ground.

AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talks with farmers southwest of Chicago about finally having a window to plant after Mother Nature hindered the start of the season.

She speaks with Scott Halpin, a farmer from Gardner, Illinois; Paul Jeschke, a farmer from Mazon, Illinois; and Tyson Dollinger, a farmer from Mazon, Illinois.

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