Horsch Introduces Omnis FT Tillage Tool

Omnis FT 16 ( Horsch )

Horsch is expanding its tillage line this fall, launching its new Omnis FT Tillage tool. The tool is designed to break up soil compaction and provide consistent soil tilth in harvested fields where residue has already been sized and distributed by a combine.

The tillage tool’s shank spacing is unique compared to other tools on the market, according to Jeremy Hughes, Horsch product manager. The Omnis FT has four ranks of shanks spaced on 15-inch centers with 1,800 pounds of trip force. Each shank is equipped with Horsch MulchMix shins that aggressively turn and mix soil/residue and create and uniform soil structure. The thorough mixing of soil/residue also accelerates the decomposition process. A variety of tips are available along with bolt-on sweeps.

The Omni FT allows farmers to get thorough horizontal fracture of soil. Hughes notes that the tool can till soil 10 to 11 inches deep and thoroughly across the working width of the machine, giving a fully tilled, uniform soil structure. That then supports uniformity in water infiltration, soil warming, residue/soil blending, and an unrestrictive environment for optimum root growth.

The Omni FT features large-diameter tires for ease of transport and field operation. Hughes says farmers commonly complain about small tires on primary tillage tools, because they can contribute to the tool getting stuck in soggy fields. Large diameter tires help operators avoid that problem.

A wide range of options are available depending on field conditions. The Omnis FT is a versatile concept, offering farmers the ability to mix and match options on a standard base unit to meet their individual needs, Hughes notes. A choice of rolling basket, leveling tines, or a three-bar heavy harrow complete the rear of the Omnis FT according to what type of soil finish is desired. An optional rear hitch is available for towing a fertilizer caddy or a pull type finisher, or the unit can be ordered without anything on the rear, according to a Horsch news release.

The Omnis FT will be available this fall. The range will include 11-foot rigid, 16-foot rigid, 21-foot rigid, 21-foot folding, and 26-foot folding versions. For more information, contact a local Horsch dealer or email [email protected]