Horsch Introduces The Maestro RC Planter

In many southern states, planting is well underway.
( Farm Journal )

Horsch is introducing a new, mounted row-crop planter to North America this year called the Maestro RC.

The company says the new planter features an innovative folding toolbar, a unique weight transfer system for maintaining row unit stability, and a forward-mounted seed tank for better weight balance to help eliminate pinch rows.

Two models are available, the RC1230 (12-row, 30-inch spacing) and the RC1630 (16-row, 30-inch spacing).

A unique feature of the Maestro RC is a “vertical flex fold toolbar,” which Jeremy Hughes, product manager, says is a first for the industry.

“(The) concept gives users several distinct agronomic and maneuverability advantages versus traditional stack fold planters,” Hughes says in a press release.

Advantages of this design include the greatest wing flexibility of any mounted planter — 10 degrees up 10 degrees down — for maximum terrain-following performance on rolling land, Hughes notes. The geometry of the toolbar design also allows the Maestro RC’s 64-bushel seed tank to be moved closer to the tractor linkage point, shifting the weight of the implement to the tractor.

Farmers can get more information at 701-532-1000 or by visiting www.horsch.com.