Highfield introduces anhydrous ammonia tank lock

Highfield Manufacturing Company, a global producer of high-quality security systems for utilities, OEM and niche market applications, has introduced the FieldGuard tank lock, a lock assembly system engineered to secure nurse tanks containing anhydrous ammonia, a widely used fertilizer.

Since anhydrous ammonia can also be used in the production of methamphetamines, fertilizer dealers, farm equipment suppliers and farmers face the growing problem of protecting nurse tanks stored on their premises from drug dealers, who steal anhydrous ammonia for their illegal operations.

"Installing a high-security lock is one of the best ways to protect nurse tanks from theft and tampering," says Joe McClain, Highfield's vice president and general manager. "Our customers tell us that since installing FieldGuard tank locks on their nurse tanks, they have eliminated anhydrous ammonia theft," he adds.

The FieldGuard offers a number of advantages over competitive products. Made of stainless steel and powder-coated metal, it does not corrode when exposed to anhydrous ammonia. Also, it is designed to lock off the outlet of the nurse tank valve to minimize dangerous and costly product leakage. The FieldGuard features Highfield's proprietary REVPRO barrel lock technology that gives dealers the option of having unique key coding on their nurse tanks, for added security.

The FieldGuard tank lock assembly includes a bright orange valve bracket and can be easily installed without using any special tools.

Highfield is marketing the FieldGuard through a partnership with Venedy, Ill.,-based Terayne Ag Specialties, Inc., an ag retailer with more than 30 years in the anhydrous ammonia business. They were instrumental in the development of the FieldGuard and have used it in their own facilities with great success.


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