Hemp Seed Available Through Arcadia Biosciences

Growers will have access to hemp seed through GoodHemp at Arcadia Biosciences. ( Vote Hemp )

Farmers looking for hemp seed have a new option with Arcadia Biosciences through their new product line, GoodHemp. The company announced this is its new commercial brand for hemp seeds, transplants, flower and extracts.

Its first commercial product is a disease-resistant and ultra-low THC hemp seed called Complia Bot+. It is a cannabis strain that delivers high CBD content, more than 10%, with low THC—the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

“In less than a year since we first announced our division for hemp research and cultivation, Arcadia Specialty Genomics, we’ve brought to market a commercial hemp line designed to solve a major industry problem—hot crops,” said Sarah Reiter, chief commercial officer at Arcadia, in a recent press release. “This is proof of our disruptive innovation and speed to market, and it is just the beginning of our ambitions for revolutionizing the commercial hemp germplasm market.”

GoodHemp represents the company’s first application of ArchiTech, its technology platform. It combines bioscience approaches, CRISPR and TILLING genome editing, phenotyping and convectional breeding. They’re “aiming modern technology at an ancient crop: hemp.”

“Through our ArchiTech platform, we are combining modern breeding science and genomics technology to develop high-quality, non-GM hemp varieties with improved uniformity, stability, resiliency and yield, enabling farmers to maximize the value and profitability of this newly-legal crop,” said Randy Shultz, VP of research and development. “In addition to this ultra-low THC disease resistant variety, we continue to build our germplasm estate based on our own varietal development and technology acquisitions.”

Learn more about growing hemp at the 2020 Hemp Summit Jan. 27-28.