Helena introduces new soil conditioner Liquid Chisel

Helena Chemical Co. is helping agricultural producers maximize yields and efficiency with the introduction of Liquid Chisel, a new product designed to improve soil health and nutrient availability.

Liquid Chisel is a blend of soil conditioning agents and potash that improves soil tilth by increasing the solubility of calcium and magnesium salts, moving them away from plant roots. Soils containing sodium and other salts can disrupt root growth and moisture absorption and result in crop stress and desiccation.

Liquid Chisel helps roots grow to their full potential by helping salts move through the soil profile and away from the root zone. Increasing the solubility of salts displaces sodium on clay particles, allowing sodium to be leached away with irrigation water. With sodium displaced, soil tilth is improved along with increased irrigation efficiency and better availability of soil nutrients.

Unlike similar products, Liquid Chisel features soil wetting agents to improve water movement in the soil. Liquid Chisel improves efficiency by increasing irrigation uniformity and keeping irrigation lines clean.

With better tilth and availability of soil nutrients, Liquid Chisel applications can improve the seed germination environment and enhance soil microbial activity. Liquid Chisel can be applied through irrigation and with most fertilizers and residual herbicides according to label recommendations.

For more information and availability by state, contact a Helena representative, or visit www.helenachemical.com.


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