Heartland Tank Companies announce above ground storage tanks

Heartland Tank Companies have recently added a new product and services to further round out its ability to provide complete above ground storage tank solutions to its customers. The companies greatly anticipate the upcoming trade show season to unveil these new items to customers to address the recent problem with the overwhelmed railroad transportation system.

A heated and insulated tank system is now offered by Heartland Tank Companies to enable liquid fertilizer distributors and retailers to store temperature sensitive liquid fertilizer through the winter. The system, whether for a tank with an internal PVC liner or using another type of secondary containment, provides a solution to the liquid fertilizer rail shipment delays experienced in the winter of 2014. The system automatically maintains the product at a set temperature with minimal use of energy.

Using this system, liquid fertilizer distributors and retailers can receive their liquid fertilizer shipments in the late fall and early winter with confidence to have adequate product on hand when the spring fertilizer season begins. No longer will the distributor or retailer be at the mercy of the railroad schedule to have full above ground storage tanks full of product to timely serve their customers.

Heartland Tank Companies has also added the service of turn key construction projects. To achieve this, Heartland Tank Companies has teamed up with multiple other businesses to ensure that all management of a project, including plumbing, optional automation, rail hookups, etc., is centrally managed by Heartland Tank Companies. This allows for site managers to concentrate on their regular duties instead of having to add the orchestration of multiple companies to install the new above ground storage tank system.

To learn more, visit heartlandtankcompanies.com


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