#Harvest19: Will Mother Nature Give Farmers a Break?

Harvest is underway in many parts of the Midwest. ( Darrell Smith )

This season has been nothing short of a roller coaster—from a deluge of rain in the spring to near-drought conditions for many farmers late summer, harvest will be one to remember. As farmers finally roll out the combines they’re sharing the good, bad and the ugly stories of 2019.

Let us know how harvest is going in your area. Give us weekly updates on how many acres you harvested that week, what yields look like and what state you’re from. The information provided will be anonymous and aggregated into maps that give a state-by-state look at 2019. Submit soybean information here and corn information here.

Farmers are taking to Twitter to share pictures of #harvest19 so far. Preliminary yields are showcasing just how challenging the season has been for some farmers.

Rains that plagued farmers earlier this season don’t seem to be on their way out anytime soon, either.

But, like all things, geography has so much control in how harvest and a season will turn out. For these farmers, combines are up and rolling with no signs of stopping.

Long hours in the combine or grain cart might mean farmers find a new hobby to help pass the time… or catch up on some Zs.

And finally, for the farmer who looks forward to a glass of wine (or bottle—we’re not here to judge) after a long day of harvest, grape harvest is well on its way!

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