Harvest Moves At A Snail’s Pace, Less Than Half Of 2018 Progress

Harvest is well behind average across the U.S. ( Darrell Smith )

Troubles at planting continue to show up this season, with just 11% of corn and 7% of soybeans harvested, according to USDA’s Crop Progress Report. Maturities are far below normal, forcing combines to stay in sheds as crops risk freeze damage in parts of the country.

Corn is just 43% mature, compared to 2018’s 84% this same week, and 73% mature in the 5-year average. North Carolina is leading the charge at 98% mature, while North Dakota brings in the rear at just 15% mature.

Conditions for the golden grain seem optimistic, however, with 55% of the country rated good to excellent. This number is unchanged compared to last week.

Soybeans will continue to challenge this season. At 7% harvested, the legume falls well below 2018’s 22% and below the 5-year average of 20%. Soybeans are 26 percentage points behind 2018 in terms of maturity, though they did show a sizable jump over last week from 34% to 55% dropping leaves.

The soybean crop, overall, looks good at 54% good to excellent, a 1-percentage point increase over last week. Indiana and Ohio are struggling the most at 28% and 27% poor to very poor, respectively.

Check out the full report here.

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