Harvest Crawls as Farmers Fight to Bring in 2019 Crop

Crop Progress 101619
More farmers are considering corn-after-corn or continuous soybeans ( Darrell Smith & Lindsey Benne )

We're getting a better idea of just how far along harvest is following a historic, wet spring.

The USDA has released new crop progress numbers.  It reports only 22% of the corn in 18 states is harvested right now.  That's 14% behind the five-year average.  The corn crop also has a while to go yet to maturity.  73% of the crop is reported as mature.  That's compared to 92% typically.

As for soybeans, they are 26% harvested. That's 23% behind the usual, and the crop is still lagging behind-85% is dropping leaves.  Usually, it's 93%.

Several states were hit by a winter storm last week, followed by a possible killing freeze.  In North Dakota, 68% of range conditions were reported good to excellent.  23% were reported only "fair".  Wyoming, another state hit by the storm, had range conditions of only 40% good to excellent, with 49% as "fair".

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