Hagie Updates Model Year 2018 Self-Propelled Sprayers

Hagie Manufacturing Co. LLC introduces the 2018 model year STS and DTS self-propelled sprayer series. Both machines are outfitted with cabs specifically designed for applicators’ needs and operation.

The Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayer (STS) series offers a range of 1000-1600 gallon solution capacities, while featuring an underframe clearance of up to 76” and boom widths ranging from 90’ to 132’.  The STS is designed for and with front-to-rear weight split, tight turning radius, narrow crop package, and expanded capabilities for fertilizer application.

New for 2018, the largest machines in the Hagie STS series are powered with the John Deere PowerTech PSS 9.0-L diesel engine, available in Final Tier 4 configuration and offering 300 horsepower on the STS14 and 375 horsepower on the STS16. Additionally, the right side of the chassis features new fuel and diesel-exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks, as well as a fuel fill ladder and platform for improved machine access.

Also for 2018, Hagie is offering a newly designed 120’ boom for the STS sprayer series, which uses two materials for durable but lightweight design. The center and inner wing sections of the boom have been designed for enhanced strength by using steel, while beyond the first fold, the boom is composed of aluminum. NORAC active wing roll is available on the new 120’ boom model. Designed for inconsistent and challenging terrain, NORAC active wing roll ensures smooth independent control of each wing while maintaining an ideal, pre-set height above the ground or crop.

The Hagie Dual-Tank Sprayers (DTS) feature a 1000 gallon solution capacity and 72” of under-frame clearance. The DTS machines are designed with a light footprint and low center of gravity to make applications in even adverse conditions. Its cab is the largest in its class, and the redesigned boom provides improved visibility whether in the field or in transport.

John Deere precision ag components are now available in the 2018 model year, and now Hagie offers three factory installed precision ag offerings to choose from: John Deere, Raven, or Ag Leader platforms. Machines ordered with John Deere precision use the GreenStar 2630 Display, StarFire 6000 Receiver, John Deere Rate Controller 2000, and JDLink wireless system/modular telematics gateway (MTG).