GSI Technology for Bin Cleanout

Cleaning out a grain bin has always been labor-intensive and even dangerous. GSI’s patent-pending FlexWave technology uses two large liners that alternately inflate and deflate, gently pushing the remaining grain into a centrally-located conveyor trough for removal, without the need to enter the bin. A control system automatically senses the amount of grain and shuts off when the process is complete. With the FlexWave system there are no exposed mechanical components, and perforated bin floors are eliminated, increasing capacity. Each inflatable liner can unload more than 100 tons of grain using less than 1 psi of air pressure. The liners are made of durable, commercial-grade material designed to last more than 30 years under normal conditions. Traditional grain bins are emptied by gravity through a cone at the bottom. The FlexWave system can also be used in grain hopper tanks, allowing a flat bottom storage tank rather than the traditional cone at the bottom. This increases capacity and eliminates the need to install legs because the tank can sit on the ground. The first FlexWave offering is planned for 2018. For additional information, visit