Growmark Unveils Application Simulator

To help train FS System operators, Growmark has developed an application simulator, which is located at the company's learning center in Bloomington, Ill.  

Growmark aims to train 1,000 applicators over the next three years as they develop more modules and are hoping to have multiple simulators. 

The first two training modules are designed to train the newer members to the FS application team. The training modules allow operators to practice, study and enhance their ability, knowledge and safety skills.

“To the best of my knowledge, this simulator is the first of its kind in agriculture being used for training,” says Erik Wilcox, Growmark manager, crop protection application and equipment. “We continue to identify ways to develop best-in-class operators, and this is one part of our System’s robust training program.”

The simulator includes road and field coarses—so applicators can virtually train in-the-field scenarios and transport scenarios.

As it’s setup, the simulator includes a front screen and two side screens  to give the operator a full view of their surroundings. The steering wheel and controls guide the booms and machine’s direction and speed. The mechanical seat moves to simulate bumps and turns.