Growmark Recognizes Endure 4R Advocates

Growmark has named five FS crop specialists with the 2018 Endure 4R Advocate award. ( Growmark )

Growmark has named five FS crop specialists with the 2018 Endure 4R Advocate award. They are:

  • Tim Berkland, Growmark in Iowa
  • Gary Brandt, Gateway FS in Illinois
  • Courtney Mahr, West Central FS in Illinois
  • Sal Pustizze, Growmark FS in New Jersey
  • Todd Wibben, Evergreen FS in Illinois

The award recognizes a commitment to nutrient, water and soil stewardship and helping growers implement sustainable farming practices.

The award criteria include knowledge and implementation of 4R nutrient management, defined by The Fertilizer Institute:

  • Assisting growers with implementing nitrogen management as a system
  • Promoting the use of nitrogen stabilizers
  • Implementation of N-Watch nitrogen tracking services
  • Conducting MiField Applied Research on customers’ farms
  • Use of variable rate technology for fertilizer applications

“This year’s winners help set a high standard for our System,” Ryan White, Growmark director of agronomy marketing and agronomy services said in a statement. “They are recognized as leaders amongst their peer group. They work with farmers to show them how sustainability and profitability can work together.”



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