Great Plains Unveils Four New Tillage, Planting Machines

Great Plains 8-row planter ( Great Plains )

Adding to its current lineup, Great Plains will offer two new planters, a new drill and a new disc, available for the 2019 growing season. The new tools all improve on current models available on the market, according to the company.

The PL5500 planter is an 8-row machine that allows for easier transport from field to field. It folds to a narrow 9’9” width, narrower than many tractors, permitting safer and easier road travel.  In addition, it’s equipped with Great Plains’ new 5000 Series row unit and Air-Pro Meter system with optional Individual Row Control. The model can use dry or liquid fertilizer and requires less horsepower – as few as 115.

5800 Planter

Another new planter, the PL5800, is a 16-row versatile machine. Rows can be configured between 15” and 36” in single- or twin-row configurations. It also features the new Air-Pro Meter with optional Individual Row Control, a 5000 Series row unit, WSMT3 control system with X35 monitor that is fully ISO compatible, a new air delivery system and a simplified frame.

The new seed metering system uses positive air pressure to improve singulation. When paired with Individual Row Control systems, farmers can save seed with on-demand variable rate and section control. In addition, the company says Individual Row Control ensures equal seed spacing, even when navigating curves and contours.

Dril ADC2352

Great Plains’ new air drill, ADC2352, improves on its previous model for greater ease-of-use for farmers. New features include: Optional ‘driver’s side auger,’ ground or variable-rate hydraulic drive, DrillCommand software that is fully ISO compatible, two tanks with 350 bu. total capacity and large tire options to help prevent compaction.

Ultra Disk

Clocking in at higher speeds and through tougher residue, the new Ultra-Disk offers a new tillage option for farmers. The company explains it mimics but improves upon European style disks, to meet U.S. farmer needs, today. It features improved bearings, individual C-shanks, SpeedBlades and parallel gangs. They’ve stretched the gangs more than what you find in European models, which lends itself to better balance, according to company representatives. 

The new disk is offered in 26’, 30’ and 33’ sizes. It can be mounted with three choices of finishing attachments, including the MaxLift cast roller, a seedbed conditioner reel or  two-bar coil tines combined with the seedbed conditioner reel.