Great Plains Offers New Ultra-Disk to Cut Through Thick Residue

Great Plains Ultra-Disk ( Sonja Begemann )

Clocking in at higher speeds, through tougher residue, Ultra-Disk offers a new tillage option for farmers. Great Plains is offering the new implement, which mimics but improves upon European style disks, to meet U.S. farmer needs, today.

At up to 8 mph, Ultra-Disk offers greater speed options for farmers. But, speed isn’t the biggest or only benefit of the product, according to Michael Ohnsat, Great Plains product engineer. 

“The whole machine ties together, higher speed, fewer trash flow issues, blades are bigger and farther apart, hydraulic gauge wheels are out front to stop hopping and create uniform depth,” he says.

Specifically, new features include:

  • Improved bearings- cast hubs with “preset” tapered bearings to handle sideloading more than ball bearings, six-lip seal on each side to lock in grease and prevent contamination
  • Individual C-shanks- heavy-duty C shanks mount 24” blades at an 18-degree angle on front gangs and a 14-degree angle, with 10” spacing
  • SpeedBlades- designed to size and bury residue better than notched blades, works in up to 5” cutting depth and has a 5% faster turning speed than concave blades
  • Parallel gangs- allows the implement to perform at higher speeds than a conventional disc and sizes and buries residue as well or better than conventional double-offset or tandem disk

Ohnsat says they’ve stretched the gangs more than what you find in European models, which lends itself to better balance, too. The disk is offered in 26’, 30’ and 33’ sizes. It can be mounted with three choices of finishing attachments, too, including the MaxLift cast roller, a seedbed conditioner reel or a combined two-bar coil tines with seedbed conditioner reel.





Recommended use

Primary tillage

Tillage width

26’ 8”


33’ 4”

Transport width

15’ 2”

15’ 2”

18’ 6”

Transport height

13’ 4”



Horsepower req.




Weight (lbs)