GPTA to participate in Agritrade

Guatemalan Produce Trade Association members are showcasing their fruits and vegetables at Agritrade in Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemalan exporters, U.S. importers, fruit and vegetable marketers and brokers will be networking and making business deals during the conference and expo March 23 and 24, according to a news release.

The association's goal is to inspire U.S. foodservice operators to feature fresh fruits and vegetables from Guatemala on menus.

"GPTA membership is determined to take Guatemalan exports to the next level, we believe now is the perfect time to be united and build on the synergies currently at hand," said Ricardo Sieveking, co-chair of the association, in the release.

Through articles, advertisements, direct communication and trade show participation, the association is focusing efforts in 2017 on increasing consumption and demand for Guatemalan fresh produce and vegetables.

"We are in year two of the association and we have a diverse group between exporters, importers of fresh fruits and vegetables from Guatemala," said Priscilla Lleras-Bush, association coordinator, in the release. "With the caliber of professionals, knowledge and tenure within the association, we will be able to develop a precise message and boost brand awareness of the fresh fruits and vegetables from Guatemala."

The Guatemalan Produce Trade Association is having its bi-annual meeting March 22nd at the site of Agritrade, Casa Santo Domingo Hotel, Antigua.