Gold Medals In The Seed Box Flipping Olympics

As acres are planted, seed boxes are emptied, and for bulk boxes, it’s time for dealers to get them ready for return to the seed company. 

Here are some videos of seed dealers getting the necessary task done by hand with speed and control being admired by many. 

There are also a number of products on the market to help make the job easier. 

These include these four attachments that can be paired with forklifts, and here are some product descriptions and links to those manufacturers: 

The Nester Box Inverter: The Nester fits any forklift and the arms affix to the sides of the box, allowing the forklift to do the lifting. After rotation, the outer ring is lowered over the bottom ring. The process is reversed to set up the box for filling.

Box Hog: The Box Hog seed box inverter (patent pending) was designed because of a need in the market place for a heavy duty unit that was not only rugged but gentle on seed boxes. The Box Hog inverter is a safe, reliable and economical choice for the inverting of Buckhorn seed boxes as well as other bulk containers.

BoxMate: With the Boxmate, a fork lift, and a small air compressor. 1 person can unstack, break down and restack a box in approximately 2 minutes.

The Flipper from J Hammond Enterprises: The Flipper is a rugged and unique machine designed to break down bulk seed boxes. There are two models to choose from.