Going Corn-On-Corn In 2020? Plan For Rootworm.

Corn rootworm is taking a bite out of corn yield potential in some Illinois fields this season.

“This week, we’ve run into some resistance issues, where fully traited corn is coming under pressure,” notes Ken Ferrie Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of Crop-Tech Inc., near Heyworth, Ill. “We have some leaf feeding, silk clipping and, in some fields, considerable damage in the root system.”

That’s bad news in any year, and Ferrie wants to emphasize that farmers looking to go with more corn-on-corn acres in 2020 need to plan ahead to manage this pest.

“Next year, you’ll want to swap out traits and use an insecticide at planting,” he notes.

In this week’s edition of Boots In The Field, Ferrie provides additional recommendations for evaluating rootworm this season as well as other pests and disease pressure in corn and soybeans.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the following link.