Get a Better Burndown with Nufarm

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Cleaning up fields before planting doesn’t have to be a hassle. Spitfire® and BurnMaster®, from Nufarm, can help properly burndown fields prior to planting. Nufarm has an array of burndown products tailored to fit planting needs.

Cold, slow start to spring? BurnMaster has you covered.

Nufarm’s BurnMaster controls more than 65 broadleaf weeds. This herbicide works well in cool weather, especially in areas experiencing a slow start to the spring season. When compared to other dicamba and 2,4-D burndown herbicides, BurnMaster is the go-to choice for a cool-weather herbicide, because of its ability to perform well in cold weather. This true systemic herbicide kills weeds above and below ground. BurnMaster® is a 2,4-D ester and dicamba acid premix and works well with a variety of adjuvants, fertilizer carriers and glyphosate formulations. And this herbicide offers an excellent flexibility for crop rotation.

Weather caused planting delays? Spitfire can still help.

Spitfire herbicide, from Nufarm, is a true broadleaf burndown product. Spitfire has a wide-range of weed coverage including above and below ground burndown. This product helps ease planting and ensure optimum yields. Spitfire offers competitive advantages such as dual auxin mode of action for greater control and optimized ratio for use closer to soybean planting. When applied at a rate of 1.25 pts/acre or less, the pre-plant interval for soybeans is only 7 days. This is after treated field receives one-half inch of rain.

Spitfire can also help manage the risk of herbicide-resistant weed populations developing, all while effectively cleaning up fields for planting.

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