Gempler’s Marks 80 Years, Refocuses with New Ownership

In January of 2019, Carl Atwell and a group of friends acquired Gempler’s from its corporate ownership, and now Atwell is relaunching the brand with an ingrained customer focus. 

Both in its catalog and online store, Gempler’s sells a variety of merchandise from work boots, to safety gear, to plot flags. Two of its core audiences are farmers and ag retailers. 

“Our customers are anyone who grows something or maintains something,” he explains. “We’re really a farm and home store.”

Six months after acquiring the company, Atwell says the focus is to continue to improve the customer experience including product selection, purchasing process, and after the sale service. 

“As a brand, Gempler’s is very well trusted,” he says. “And we know there are numerous choices for where our customers can make purchases. But we believe we can provide the best experience surrounded by good customer service. We are aiming to be the kind of place people want to do business with.” 

Atwell explains he’s not trying to make Gempler’s a one-stop shop for everything and everyone, but rather he is looking to closely curate merchandise best suited for their customer profiles. He says he and his team want to do everything they can to make it easy for their customers to outfit themselves for their business. 

“I want Gempler’s to be known for finding products that solve problems when the customer may not have known there was a solution. With click of a mouse, we want our customers to find that our people have already done the hard work of saying these are the products you should look at and this is what you should consider. And that’s how we become a trusted destination into the future,” he says.  

2019 is the 80th anniversary for the business. 

“This brand is celebrating 80 years of a rich history and authenticity. We don’t have to make ourselves “retro” or gin up a story—we have roots and authenticity,” he says.