Fungicides can help crops tolerate stress —and your customer’s too

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There’s a lot that can stress out crops. Heat. Disease. Drought. Hail. Those factors can wear on the plants and affect your customer’s yield.

We can’t control the environment. But you can help your customer’s crops stand up to stress with an appropriate fungicide that delivers health to the plant in multiple ways.

When most people think of fungicides, they only think of preventing or treating diseases. Disease control with fungicides is, of course, important, and it pays to be proactive even when visible signs of disease aren’t present.

But there are more ways to get healthy crops. Along with disease control, improved growth efficiency and stress tolerance are important factors to consider to help get higher yield potential. That’s where BASF Plant Health fungicides can make a difference.

These fungicides improve stress tolerance by reducing ethylene production and oxidative stress. When a plant is battered by the elements or disease, it produces more ethylene, a naturally occurring hormone that can accelerate development such as leaf senescence or ripening. This can lead to kernel abortion and premature pod drop.

By inhibiting ethylene production during stress events, these fungicides may help plants hold more leaves and allow corn or soybeans to stay green longer. More green tissue provides more opportunity for photosynthesis and grain fill. 

Headline® AMP fungicide can also improve corn stalk strength, increasing harvest efficiency by reducing lodging and enhancing standability.

In corn, these solutions have also been shown to improve plant recovery from hail damage and protect the plant from potential disease infection points. The fungicide also helped increase yield response at varying levels of defoliation compared with an untreated crop, according to a BASF trial of simulated hail damage.

The benefits of stress tolerance are also evident during dry spells.  Soybeans treated with Priaxor® fungicide have been shown to have increased root area compared with untreated crops, according to BASF research. That makes it easier for the crops to take up critical water and nutrients during short-term drought, which can minimize damage and improve recovery after drought.


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