A Fully Autonomous Drone For Daily Scouting

Once installed, the Scout from American Robotics claims to need no manual intervention to plan, fly and manage its operations. It’s a self-charging unit, and is designed for daily flights to detect early plant stress.

The Scout drone is equipped with visual and multispectral camears. Its weatherproof drone station provides housing, charging, data processing and data transfer function in the field.

The system’s initial testing was conducting this past summer in fields across the U.S.

 “The technology behind Scout was developed after working with farmers and ag professionals to understand the unique logistical and economic challenges they face,” says Reese Mozer, Co-Founder and CEO of American Robotics. “ As a result, Scout is the first practical, industrial drone system that truly addresses the needs of this industry. Full-automation is a key ingredient in the future of precision farming, and we’re eager and excited to finally deliver this capability to our customers.”