FSA: Prevent Plant Acres Will Likely Be Released August 12

Prevent Plant Acres 073019

USDA says it may be August 12 when farmers finally know how many prevent plant acres are in farm country.

Bill Northey, the Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation for the Farm Service Agency says the plan is to likely release prevent plant acre reporting that day.

“We are likely going to announce the acreage reporting results on August 12 when the WASDE will come out at that time,” Northey said in an interview with AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben. "Certainly, they'll use numbers as well that will reflect the numbers that we get through the FSA offices. I'm sure the Risk Management Agency will still be seeing new prevent plant claims continue to come in  [but] I think those numbers will be the best at that time."

Even though the department doesn’t have a concrete number for prevent plant acres yet, Northey isn’t ruling out a historic number.

“I think we are certainly above that 10 million acre mark, just when you look at how many prevent plant claims we are likely able to see,” said Northey.

“We are going to see an excess of 10 million. How much? I don’t know. When we look at dollars, I’ve said we can have excess of a billion dollars, I’m sure.”

Prevent plant claims are still pouring in to USDA this week.

USDA’s Risk Management Agency’s Administer Martin Barbre said Friday the department tallied more than $458 Million in prevent plant claims paid. That’s higher than the week prior.