Friendly Weather Leads to Spike in Planting Progress

( Darrell Smith )

USDA’s April 27 Crop Progress Report shows corn made huge jumps week-over-week and is pacing ahead of the five-year average. Soybeans made a smaller jump and are also well above the five-year average.

Here are the numbers:

  • Corn- 27% planted, up 20 percentage points from last week with a five-year average at 20% planted.
  • Soybeans- 8% planted, up six percentage points from last week with a five-year average of 4% planted.

As of this report, about 3% of corn is emerged across the countryside, a one percentage point jump from last week.

“[Last] week was a big week for us,” says Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal field agronomist. As he surveyed people in his area, Illinois showed bigger jumps in soybean planting in many counties.

Illinois is 37% planted on corn and 18% planted on soybeans.

Currently, southern states lead the pack on corn planting, as expected. Texas is 67% planted, North Carolina is 62% planted and Kentucky is 44% planted.

When it comes to soybeans, Louisiana leads the pack at 33% planted, Mississippi hit 30% this week and Illinois and Kentucky are tied for third at 18% planted.

“Some of the hardest hit areas last year of prevent plant [I’m hearing] are about 50% done on corn and 10% done on soybeans,” Ferrie says. Farmers and agronomist reported last week’s planting conditions were a ‘dream’ and ground was working better than it had in years.

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