Four Ag Retail Groups Form Global Alliance: AgLink International

The founding members are: AgLink Canada, AgriRede, Integrated Agribusiness Professionals (IAP), and AgLink Australia.  ( AgLink International )

AgLink International is a newly formed global agribusiness organization bringing together ag retail groups from Australia, U.S., Canada and Brazil. 

The stated goal of the new alliance is to bring together independent ag retailers in a network for collaboration. 

The founding members are: AgLink Australia, Integrated Agribusiness Professionals (IAP), AgLink Canada and AgriRede. 

“We are representing the independent retailers who bring the best knowledge, wisdom, experience and technology,” says Jim Fargo, president of IAP, which has ownership representing more than 760 PCA/CCAs, 250 retail locations and 4,200 employees in the U.S.

AgLink International will be based in Melbourne, Australia, and the inaugural chair will be Ian Scutt, CEO of AgLink Australia.

“We are looking to maximize the connectivity among our members,” Scutt says. “AgLink International is creating a platform for agribusiness retailers to collaborate and share knowledge.”

One example he shares is AgLink Australia and AgLink Canada having already engaged in an apprentice exchange program which allows employees to work in the other country to learn about each other’s markets. 

“The commonalities in our shareholder’s businesses are incredible”, says Dean Fahselt, CEO of AgLink Canada. “We share many of the same challenges in environmental regulation, urban perceptions of Agriculture, and staff training and recruitment.”

The leaders say while collaboration is central to AgLink International, individual company identities will remain intact. 

Added up, AgLink International represents a total annual revenue of $3.8 billion across 112 owner shareholder businesses that employ more than 7,700 people over 660 locations.  

In the announcement of the organization, leaders said they “will seek out and work with its industry partners for the development of new technologies and markets, including the development of more meaningful and respectful supplier relationships at both local, national and global levels.”