Five More Partners Connect with Climate FieldView

Climate Corporation enhanced their connectivity options for farmers.
( Climate Corp )

Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView is partnering with AgWorks, DroneDeploy, MyAgData, Sentera and Skymatics to provide new capabilities within its platform. Climate has been adding partners into its FieldView platform since 2016.

Farmers currently using any of the following platforms, and Climate FieldView, will now experience increased connectivity.


This partnership provides more agronomic insight. It specifically targets farmers who want to work closely with retailers to share field data. AgWorks is described as “by ag retail, for ag retail,” and allows farmers to seamlessly share information with their ag retailers. From there, retailers can cater their input recommendations based on agronomic conditions in each field.


Using drone imaging technology, DroneDeploy provides farmers with imagery data directly through the Climate FieldView app. The company allows farmers and drone operators to collect and analyze this drone data for scouting, insurance claims, variable rate prescriptions and other important tools.


Climate partnered with MyAgData to simplify acreage reporting for agriculturalists. It uses data farmers collect during normal operations and format it to meet USDA and insurance reporting requirements.


Sensor, drone and software provided by Sentera will enable digital crop scouting and “on-field” data solutions by integrating data into Climate FieldView. The technology provides accurate, timely insight to crop health using a multi-platform data gathering system.


Skyclaim, by Skymatics, provides aerial imaging tools to help farmers assess crop damage using drone imagery. Data will flow from SkyClaim into Fieldview to assess and report damage caused by hail, wind, flood, fire, extreme cold and wildlife. This data can also be used to file crop insurance claims.