First Biotech Park in the Netherlands developing at rapid pace

Ten million euros, licenses, subsidies, the perfect location and 10 innovative new concepts are to culminate in the first Biotech Park in Brabant (a province in the south of the Netherlands). The objective? To provide a solution to the issue of surplus manure produced on farms by investing in manure processing installations, which in turn convert surplus manure into an alternative fertilizer substitute in a sustainable way.

Dutch organization BiQ Group N.V. and its American subsidiary BiQ Group Corp. launched a new fund totaling ten million euros for that purpose and are focusing specifically on biotech businesses and the development of biotech parks in the Netherlands. Chris van Steenbergen, manager at BiQ Group, explains: "Since 2012, we have been engaged in negotiations to finance a number of biotechnology businesses. We are proud to announce that this resulted in the Agri-BioTech Fund. BiQ Group is a leading international financing group that specializes in private equity, which means that risk-bearing capital (from investors) is used to finance non-stock market listed businesses.

Van Steenbergen: "All the preparation is in place. Thus, the fund is a logical development, we want to advance in this emerging market that offers plenty of potential. That is evident from the enthusiastic response from investors to the arrival of Bio Tech Park Brabant. We will take occupancy of the first installations within two weeks. Any organization that is active in the field of biotechnology may apply for a grant. That includes individuals, for example, students and inventors. Experience has shown that innovative concepts often have unexpected origins. We can accommodate a maximum of ten biotech businesses. The idea is that, in the very near future, farmers create a revenue model from the energy they generate themselves. In our opinion, this is an inspirational concept with opportunities that extend far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. 

Further information is available on the corporate website:


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