FieldScout Green Index+

This app offers a better, more affordable way to manage the nitrogen needs of your clients' corn crop. The FieldScout GreenIndex+ App captures and processes images from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and instantly computes the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index) of corn leaves. 

In addition to DGCI, GreenIndex+ computes an equivalent SPAD value and estimates the nitrogen requirement (lb/ac or kg/ha) during the V6 growth stages. This enables applying the right amount of nitrogen in the right place and at the right time.

The GreenIndex+ technology detects low nitrogen levels in the leaves and then helps write a nitrogen prescription. Nitrogen uptake increases dramatically at the beginning of the V6 development stage. Corrective measures, based on early diagnosis of severe nitrogen deficiencies, can prevent yield reduction.

FieldScout GreenIndex+ offers digital image analysis of leaves, providing growers with an accurate, low-cost method for managing in-season fertility and helps deliver improved yield, lower nitrogen costs and increased profits. All data is logged and geo-referenced and can be e-mailed to a PC for further analysis.

Digital images taken in the field typically exhibit variation due to ambient lighting, shadows and texture. Green and yellow color standards on a pink background provide contrast and aid the image processing software. This allows for DGCI images to be taken under a broad range of lighting conditions.


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