Fertilizer Price outlook

Nutrient Composite Index of Fuel and Fertilizer ( Photos: Lindsey Benne; Chart Source: Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor )

The long shadow of the 2019 growing season makes the crystal ball fuzzy for future outlooks, especially fertilizer. Volatile weather, supply issues and high prevent plant acres have weighed on fertilizer prices.

Some retailers are sitting on substantial supplies of fertilizer, says Davis Michaelsen, Pro Farmer Inputs Monitor editor. They will likely be motivated to price products to attract demand from farmers.

Visit with your retailer about your application plans, says Tanner Ehmke, manager of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange. “If I’m the retailer, I’d love a farmer who says, ’When do you want to move product? Let’s come up with a deal. I’ll share some risk if you’ll share some on price.’ ”

Looking forward, the biggest factor to drive the fertilizer outlook will be corn acreage, Michaelsen says. If acres hit the big projections, it would force an upward price response on fertilizer. ”Once you’re over 94 million corn acres, you see fertilizer respond,” he says.