Ferrie: Why You Need To Harvest Green Corn Now

Is this statement true or false: green corn is not ready to harvest? Well, that depends on whether that corn can pass the push test, says Ken Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of Crop-Tech Inc, Heyworth, Ill.

Some of the hybrids he’s observed this week, even though they are still green, are testing as dry as 21% moisture. That means those hybrids need to be combined, and that might require you to reconsider your harvest schedule.

“I know at this point the bean harvest should take top priority,” Ferrie acknowledges. “But I don’t think we want to sit idle until noon waiting for beans to cut if you still have all your corn to harvest. Sure, it’s not exciting to pick corn at 23% moisture and pay for drying it. But picking corn in the snow at the other end of this harvest isn’t good, either.”

Instead of waiting and risking more yield loss, Ferrie recommends that you harvest corn in the morning, then switch to beans when they’re ready to cut, and then go back to corn.

“Getting this crop out by Thanksgiving will be a tough task. I’m just saying, let’s get it out while the getting’s good,” he says.

In this week’s Boots In The Field podcast, Ferrie provides a look at corn and soybean yields that are coming in from around the Midwest. He also shares initial results from several of the Farm Journal test plots his team has harvested, including a high pH tolerant soybean plot, a corn planting population/nitrogen plot, and a no-till corn versus double-pass soil finisher blocks plot.

Listen here to get all the details: