Ferrie: Pesticide Complacency Builds Resistance

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

As rain delays planting, many farm managers are spending their time zeroing in on cutting costs. There’s been an increase in calls to Farm Journal Agronomist Ken Ferrie of Crop Tech Consulting looking for ways to cut the pesticide bill in particular.

Ferrie warns in this week’s Boots in the Field Report Podcast that complacency in a pesticide plan can quickly build resistance problems that will be much more costly to fix.

“If something works, I like to keep using it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” Ferrie explains. “But when it comes to pest control, once it breaks, we can't fix it. It's a product that's gone from our arsenal.”

When it comes to fungicides, there are as few as four modes of action, so resistance issues can quickly limit available tools according to Ferrie.

To find out out to mix up a pesticide plan and save money while protecting against resistance, listen to this week’s Boots in the Field Report below: