Ferrie: Crown Rot Is Taking A Toll On Corn This Week

Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie ( Crop-Tech Consulting )

If your corn fields endured big rains late-season that saturated the soil for days, look for crown rot as you harvest. It’s an issue Ken Ferrie is seeing in many Illinois fields this week.

“In a lot of cases, the plants were tapped out trying to get ears filled with grain, which left them vulnerable to crown rot,” explains Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of Crop-Tech Consulting, Heyworth, Ill.

“In areas where you have down corn, it could already be an insurance claim, so stay on top of your standing corn and get it out of the field first,” he advises.

Compaction issues is another problem Ferrie addresses at length in this edition of Boots In The Field. Growers are telling him they can feel wheel tracks from where they planted or made a herbicide-application pass last spring.

“What I’m hearing the most complaints about is where post-emergence herbicide applications were made,” he notes. “If you have sprayer tracks to deal with, cross those tracks so you can shatter that compaction.”

Listen here to get Ferrie’s full recommendations on how to address compaction with tillage tools this fall.