Fendt Targets U.S. Row Crop Farmers With 900 Series

Fendt 900
Fendt 900 Series ( AGCO )

Although Fendt has been in the North American marketplace since 1998, after the brand was purchased by AGCO, it has maintained an image of a largely European brand. Fendt seeks to alter that perception with the announcement today of the new 900 Series aimed squarely at the U.S. row crop market.  Fendt 900 Series

The 900 series will include five models, ranging from 296 to 415 horsepower. The 900 Series marks a shift for every model to be powered by a MAN engine, which is paired to Fendt’s VarioDrive continuously variable transmission. The switch is designed to provide higher performance at lower engine operating speeds.

“One of the key messages that we're sending the marketplace is that Fendt has a real place in the North American market,” says Andrew Sunderman, tactical marketing manager for high horsepower tractors at Fendt. “We offer a wide range of innovative solutions which meet a number of needs that customers face day in and day out on the farm. And we’re producing this tractor in way way that is specifically designed for not only North American farmers, but specifically designed for the row crop markets in the North American industry. We really are making a statement that Fendt is here and is a large player in the professional agriculture segment.”

Fendt 900 CabThe 900 Series features both front and rear 3-point hitch systems and front and rear PTO. The suspension can lower the front of the tractor eight inches for easy attachment of ballast weights.

An option on the 900 is a dual-circuit hydraulic system which can provide a combined 133 gallon per minute flow. The option lessens horsepower demand when operating multiple pieces of equipment with varying power demands.

The Fendt 900 Series will be unveiled to North American growers at farm shows this fall.

Farm Journal had an opportunity to preview the Fendt 900 Series in Minnesota last month. Watch the video above to see Fendt’s Andrew Sunderman walk through the features of the new tractor series.

Here are 7 top features of the new Fendt 900 tractors: 


  1. High visibility cab, refined styling
  2. Fendt multi-function armrest and joystick
  3. Vario terminal – one screen for all relevant operating information
  4. Front-mounted camera for visibility of front hitch and PTO
  5. Telescopic, adjustable mirrors
  6. Controls for the advanced hydraulic system
  7. Systems for enhanced fuel efficiencies